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Tallahassee Magazine Shares Sweat Therapy Love Story 


Checkout the July/ August issue of Tallahassee Magazine spotlighting Owners/ Founders Kim and Brian Bibeau. The story on page 46 shares how Kim and Brian balance work, life and love; channeling their passion in Sweat Therapy's success. 


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Best of Tallahassee 2013!


Our hard work has not gone unnoticed!  Thank you all so much for believing, supporting, and making us the fitness facility with the Best Instructors in Tallahassee for 2013.


Join your Sweat Team for our celebratory Chili Cook-Off

Sunday, Dec. 6, 4-6 pm

Meet us at the Barre! The Sweat Barre that is...


The new barre is up in the 5th Ave. studio and we are thrilled! Check the schedule for all the exciting Sweat Barre offerings! Including...

BarreBelles at 9:45 on Fridays - This is our newest Sweat Offering for those aging gracefully!

Please Check out our Article in Tallahassee Magazine



So Happy to Have Visitors! 


"If you are looking for a fitness center that offers a dedicated and professional friendly staff, excellent classes, amazing equipment look no further,  Sweat Therapy is right for you!!! 

 I have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years and I am so impressed with Sweat Therapy. I am visiting from out of townand googled the local fitness gyms. Sweat therapy attracted me by the Real Ryder Classes. I was met by a friendly trainer that asked my fitness level and introduced me to the instructor and taught me the equipment. I have never experienced a spinning class that was changeling yet engaging and a blast at the same time. I was equally impressed by the one-one-one attention the trainer gave me during the class, refilling my water, giving me a towel, making sure I was comfortable etc. The class was so much fun and went by so fast that I stayed for the boot camp class,which was equally as impressive. 


 Sweat Therapy has an excellent staff plus provides great energy from the members. Whatever your fitness level Sweat Therapy has a staff that is caring and educated that will make you feel comfortable and help you achieve your goals.  


 This is my first written review on a fitness gym, I am too impressed to stay silent. Thank you April, Brian, and Kim for making a visitor feel at home."


 Rachel Reeves


 Chattanooga, Tn

Congrats to RealRyder Instructor Chris Mojock


Tallahassee cyclists animated key October races in Georgia, Florida and North Carolina.

Four-time Florida junior state cyclo-cross champion Graham Gillis (MTF/Specialized) easily vanquished the field of 17-18 year-old challengers to win at the Macon race of the Georgia Cross Series.

"Right from the gun, I just went hard to see if anybody could hang (with me)," said Gillis, 17, a senior at Chiles High. "I don't think anyone did."Local cross devotee Tim Shank (Bikechain.com) stretched his legs to take second place in the Masters 30-35 category. Chett Hopkins (Gulf Coast Velo) finished 19th among plus-35 masters and teammate Katie Lotterhos placed second in women's category 3.

Next, Gillis and his dad grabbed their mountain bikes and headed for the fifth round of the Florida State Championship Series last weekend in Alachua. Despite dropping chains at critical moments in their races, Tom Gillis (Higher Ground) earned fourth place in a tough expert plus-50 race, and Graham persevered for fourth in 19-29 Sport. Stephen Andrews (Bikechain.com) rallied for third in the plus-50 sport event in which David Norman (Higher Ground) took sixth. Paige Pestka (Higher Ground) came in fifth in the women's sport race and teammate Mike Bonn finished 10th in a fierce expert 40-49 contest. Parker Bonn placed eighth in the 9-11 kids race.

As the co-organizer of the regular local Road Kill Time Trial series, Tom Gillis joined a nine-man squad of local road racers-against-the-clock and traveled to Olustee for the windy and rainy Florida State Time Trial Championships.

Setting the best time among the Tallahassee contingent, Chris Mojock (FSU) raced to first place with a time of 56:30 over the 40 kilometer distance in a field of 15 category-4 riders.

"I had a good time," said Mojock, a doctoral student in exercise physiology who also runs a small business with his wife and finds little time to train. "My goal was to do a 55:30, but it was not meant to be."

Triathlete Jamie Thompson was the second-fastest Tallahasseean, and fourth-place masters 35-39 rider with a time of 57:05. Gulf Coast Velo's Aaron Guyer (57:43) and Don Autore (58:17) came in seventh and eighth, respectively.

Sweat Therapy - A New Fitness Experience


Sweat Therapy – A New Fitness Experience

Betsy Gray

Betsy Gray

Director, Membership Retention & Engagement Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce



At Sweat Therapy Fitness, Tallahassee's Midtown fitness boutique, they are changing lives every day.  With hearts as big as their personalities, founder Kim Bibeau is on a mission to create a healthy environment to enhance the lives of people by providing fun, innovative fitness opportunities in small groups and personal training settings.  Clients are immersed in a community oriented atmosphere and are encouraged every step of the way with classes designed for all ages and fitness levels.  Often referred to as the "Cheers" of fitness, they truly know everyone's name. The staff and trainers have a passion for, and extensive knowledge of fitness which has created an environment where motivation and support help reshape lifestyles.  


Sweat TherapySweat Therapy utilizes the most cutting edge equipment in their training programs, including Real Ryder® cycles, IndoRow® rowing machines, TRX Suspension Training®, TRX Rip™ Training, ViPR ™ tubes and BOSU® trainers. Our goal is to help you meet your goal. The entire Sweat Therapy staff works as a team both in and out of the fitness studio.  Fundraising events hosted at Sweat Therapy combine Kim's passion for fitness and even bigger passion for serving the Tallahassee community. Since the doors opened two years ago, over $75,000 has been raised for charities such as March of Dimes, The American Red Cross, The Diabetes Foundation, Parkinson’s Foundation and various fundraisers throughout Florida State University.

 Sweat TherapyAt Sweat Therapy Fitness, they are real people who have experienced real problems. They have struggled with diets, weight loss, and obesity. They have overindulged and skipped a work out in favor of more sleep, a vacation, or a night out with friends. They have created an environment where clients are encouraged to get back on track and overcome any set back they may face.

Sweat Therapy is not just a fitness studio, they are a community of people with a passion for fitness and a desire to help others. Visit www.sweattherapyfitness.com for more information on how to be a part of the Sweat Therapy Community.

Kim Bibeau Featured in Tallahassee Your Health Magazine



STF Closing Monday to Pay Respects to Rod Durham



Sweat Therapy Fitness will be closing our Midtown and Uptown doors Monday, 3/ 21/16to pay our respects to our beloved client and friend, Rod Durham, who passed away last week.

STF Midtown will be open for the 6 am workouts and then close after those workouts.  Midtown will reopen at 5 pm for the 5:45 pm and 6:50 pm workouts

STF Uptown will be closed all of Monday.


Doors will reopen, normal hours, at both locations Tuesday, 3/22/16

Thank you to all of our Sweat family for the kind words, thoughts & prayers sent to Kim & Brian and all of those that were close to Rod.  We have felt the love and continue to pray for Rod's family during this difficult time.

Rock Steady Boxing Here We Come!!


Sweat Therapy Fitness is proud to offer Rock Steady Boxing.  Read more about it here:  http://www.sweattherapyfitness.com/parkinsons-exercise .

Is brisk walking always better for losing weight?


"Want to lose weight?  Then run, don't walk," is advice you often hear.  But is this good advice?  People who choose to run may be different—they may be more physically fit, for example—than people who choose to walk.

To avoid the pitfalls of lifestyle differences in a comparison of walking with running, Cris Slentz and his colleagues at the Duke University School of Medicine in North Carolina recruited 120 overweight or obese middle-aged men and women. They randomly assigned them to one of three exercise programs or to a non-exercising control group.

The exercisers worked out on treadmills, cycles, or elliptical trainers at an intensity equal to either walking or jogging. All were told not to change what they ate.

The study results

After six months, those who exercised the equivalent of walking 11 miles a week had lost the same amount of weight—about three pounds—as those who exercised the equivalent of jogging 11 miles a week.

The big difference between the two groups: it took the “walkers” three hours a week to lose that weight, while the “joggers” needed only two hours.

“It takes longer to burn the same amount of calories when you’re doing moderate-intensity activity like walking instead of running or other vigorous exercise,” explains Slentz.

“Intensity doesn’t have a significant effect on weight loss or fat loss,” he adds. What matters is the total number of calories you burn and that’s a matter of how hard you exercise for how long.

Who lost the most weight

Not surprisingly, the third group in the study, which did the equivalent of jogging 17 miles per week—it took them three hours—lost the most weight: eight pounds over the six months. Of course, they burned the most calories.

But many middle-aged and older people won’t—or can’t—do vigorous exercise.

“If you’re lean and you can go jogging and not hurt yourself, that’s what you should do,” says Slentz. “But moderate-intensity exercise is also probably pretty darn good for you. And at the end of the day, if people like to walk, they’re more likely to walk than they are to run.”

It’s just that most people don’t do enough of the walking. “Instead of 30 minutes a day, five days a week, it would be better to do 45 minutes, seven days a week,” says Slentz.

That’s mostly for managing your weight. “While exercise can cause some modest weight loss,” says Slentz, “you can lose more by dieting.”

Cardiovascular fitness is something else

For your heart and your circulation, vigorous is better than moderate-intensity exercise.

Robert Ross, an exercise physiologist at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, showed that with a recent study.

“We had people walk four or five days a week for six months,” says Ross. They were about 50 years old, sedentary, and overweight or obese with big waistlines. “In other words, these were 300 typical middle-­aged North American adults.”

The researchers randomly divided the participants into four equal groups. Two of the groups did slow, purposeful walks on a treadmill, with one group walking for 30 minutes a session and the other 60 minutes. This compared the benefits of a longer versus a shorter bout of moderate exercise.

A third group walked briskly for 40 minutes four or five times a week. This compared brisk versus moderate walking. A fourth group did no exercise for comparison.

All four groups ate a balanced, healthful diet under the guidance of dietitians. They weren’t reducing their caloric intake, but they weren’t increasing it, either.

Who did the best in this study

While all three exercising groups improved their fitness, those walking at a moderate intensity improved their fitness more if they walked 60 minutes, than if they walked 30 minutes.

"And the gold star went to the group that did the higher-intensity walking," notes Ross.  "Their increase in cardio-respiratory fitness was really outstanding."  The results of this study are encouraging.  Ross says, because it suggests that people have options deciding the best way for them to exercise.  "If someone wants to walk a little longer and slower, or someone wants to walk faster for a shorter time, it's a win-win because they can improve their fitness and waistline with either one."  But if they increase the amount of walking or the intensity, they'll see even more imporvement in fitness, he says.

Sources: Arch. Intern. Med. 164: 31, 2004; Ann. Intern. Med. 162: 325, 2015.

Article taken from Nutrition Action - http://www.nutritionaction.com

URL to article: http://www.nutritionaction.com/daily/is-brisk-walking-always-better-for-losing-weight/



Black Card, Red Card, and Platinum Card are all back!!

With these Unlimited Monthly Series you receive the following perks:

Wait-list priority

Complimentary towel service

Guest pass policy

Bills month-to-month

No contracts

No hidden fees

Plus MORE!

Black Card Access - provides you with Unlimited Workouts at the Midtown Location

Red Card Acess - provides you with Unlimited Workouts at the Uptown Location

Platinum Card Access - provides you with Unlimited Workouts at Both Locations, plus 2 private 30-minute personal training sessions a month.

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The Year of Balance - PTontheNET Blogpost


Click Here to read Kim's blog post for PTontheNET!!

Sweat Elimination Challenge


Come test your overall fitness with the 10 round Sweat Elimination Challenge. 

Ricky & Katie will be there through each round to push, challenge and encourage you! 

If you fail to meet the set standards of each round, you will be eliminated!

Can you make it through til the end?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2 pm (approx 90 minutes)

STF Midtown

$15 per person (20 person maximum)

Sign Up Today!!


Five Years Strong Celebration



Join us June 13 and 14 as we celebrate 5 years strong.  Saturday, June 13, we start with a 90-minute Triple Threat and end with a champagne toast at 5pm at our Midtown Studio.  Please reserve your space today.  There is no cost for Platinum, Red, and Black Card Clients, all others are $10.  (no discounts apply to this special celebration).

If you can only come for the champagne toast at 5pm, please RSVP to info@sweattherapyfitness.com by Thursday, June 11.

On Sunday, June 14 at our Uptown Studio, we will have a 75 Minute Sweat Burn.  Spaces are limited.  $10 per person unless you are a Platinum, Red, and Black Card Client.


Sweat's founder, Kim Bibeau, selected as national fitness ambassador & expert



Kim Bibeau, owner of Sweat Therapy Fitness, to share experience, innovations

Tallahassee, FL, February 16, 2015– Tallahassee fitness and healthy lifestyle expert, Kim Bibeau was selected as a national expert to the fitness industry as one of 10 global “ambassadors” representing the personal trainer’s voice via PTontheNet industry blog, social media and forum.  Bibeau, founder and CEO of Tallahassee’s Sweat Therapy Fitness, will share her expertise as a personal trainer, business owner and fitness professional starting this month.

Bibeau, a certified personal trainer, weight loss and nutrition coach, and corrective exercise specialist, will author four blogs during 2015 to be published on PTontheNet addressing current, hot topics in the fitness industry, client successes and challenges, and the realities of owning your own business.

“There are a many challenges, but more important, opportunities experienced as a business owner and personal trainer. I am honored to share these experiences, best practices and innovations with peers across the globe,” said Bibeau.

There is an entire community of people who need personalized support to find their “better” self, many of whom have to make significant life changes, according to Bibeau, who was featured on the hit ABC program “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss” this past summer.

PtontheNet, a global leader in fitness professional education and tool, is an education resource for fitness professionals, trainers, small studios, gyms and rehab centers, with more than 100,000 trainers worldwide that regularly access their industry leading articles, blogs, videos and instructional information and tools.

Sweat Therapy Fitness, founded in 2010 by Kim and Brian Bibeau, provides results-driven personal training in small group setting using leading edge techniques and fitness equipment in a nurturing environment for a community of like-minded people of all shapes, sizes, ages and goals working to make themselves better.  Sweat’s personal trainers are certified in progressive and traditional methods, weight loss and nutrition coaches, and corrective exercise specialists. The business has twice been recognized by Tallahassee Magazine as a “Best in Tally” business.