Our Instructors

Kim Bibeau

Owner + Founder
Hometown: Miccosukee, Florida
Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

Because group fitness changed my life. I was overweight as a child and dealt with teasing and low self-esteem. It wasn’t until I found group exercise in my mid-thirties that I began to appreciate the power of breaking a sweat. 

After losing 80+ pounds and becoming stronger physically and mentally, I was eager to share my passion for exercise with my friends, family and neighbors. It was this desire to help my community become “Stronger. Better. Together” that led me to create Sweat Therapy Fitness in 2010. I wanted to build an inspiring place for all fitness levels, where the staff and instructors took the time to understand each client’s unique goals and challenges. 

Eight years later my dream is realized and I couldn’t be prouder of the community we have built. Every day the Sweat Therapy Fitness team encourages people to lead happier, healthier lives. We are building confidence and helping all types of people love their bodies. From high school athletes, active aging adults, those battling obesity, and our Rock Steady Boxers fighting back against Parkinson’s Disease, Sweat Therapy Fitness has a program for every age, gender, body type, injury or illness. If you’re ready to sweat, we’re here to make it fun! 

Music Style: Anything that makes me dance! Top 40, R&B, Blues, Oldies, 70’s Rock

Brian Bibeau

Owner + Founder
Hometown: Billings, Montana
Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

I’ve always been an athlete. Growing-up I played sports in school and became an avid runner as an adult. When a knee injury prevented me from running, I transitioned to cycling and fell in love with this new sport. I was teaching an indoor cycling workout when I met my now wife and business partner, Kim.

Kim was just as passionate about fitness as I was and dreamed of opening a small group fitness studio – at the time this was a completely new concept for Tallahassee. Nearing retirement from more than 30 years at a local law firm, I wasn’t anxious to join the “old folks” rocking away on their front porches. I jumped on the opportunity to take on a new challenge and continue sharing my passion for cycling and fitness with others.

When Kim and I opened Sweat Therapy Fitness in 2010 I never imagined the incredible community it would become. Every day I’m awed by the dedication our clients demonstrate. From our Rock Steady Boxers, to college students, moms, and retirees, every member of the Sweat Therapy Fitness family gives it their all in the pursuit of becoming “Stronger. Better. Together.” 

Music Style: A little bit of everything! Top 40, oldies, rock and roll and blues.

Cecily Armengol

Fitness Director
Hometown: Davie, FL
Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

I found Sweat Therapy Fitness shortly after the doors opened in 2010 while completing my Bachelor’s degree at FSU. I began coming to workouts as a client and was then lucky enough to be hired as the first official Front Desk Staff member. Working at STF fueled my passion for fitness, and soon I became certified as group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and received my Master’s degree in Sport Management.

 Through the years STF has evolved with the ever changing fitness industry, but the culture has always remained the same. Our clients, staff, and instructors are your neighbors and friends. We want to know your name and we want to see you succeed in achieving your fitness goals. Every time you walk in the door, you can expect to be greeted with a smile and receive a unique workout. We will coach and inspire you to work hard, SWEAT and most importantly have fun! 

Music Style: Alternative and popular music with some occasional 80's, 90's and 2000's throwbacks .

Lizz Harrington

Studio Manager
Hometown: Port Charlotte, FL
Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

Because our group workouts are always different and filled with high energy; inspiring everyone to work hard towards their individual goals. All levels are welcome! The instructors and staff work together as a team making it the best experience you’ve ever had. We are “Stronger, Better, Together”.

Music Style: Classic rock, Top 40s and the occasional upbeat country song.

Alyssa Martin

Office Manager
Hometown: Hibbing, MN
Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

Sweat Therapy has created a fitness family in our community, and the group workouts make working out fun instead of a chore. I love the innovative equipment that STF trainers have access to in our workouts and that we’re empowered to provide modifications and progressions to help all clients, regardless of their current fitness level, find success.

Music Style: When I teach Sweat Camp I play top 40s with a little 80s and 90s mixed in. For yoga I blend of traditional yoga music, mixed with movie soundtracks and slower tempo hits.

Kenzie Burleigh

Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

Ausley Beane

Hometown: Tallahassee FL,
Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

I started at Sweat as a front desk team member late 2018, and I have been lucky enough to receive many opportunities during. Being surrounded by such strong and powerful clients, keeps me going as a trainer. I love how encouraging of each other everyone is.
Sweat has built such a strong community!

Music Style: All kinds! Especially the oldies :-)

Mike Munroe

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

Because small group fitness combines the benefits of personal training with the motivation of a group setting. Plus it’s affordable and fun.  Not to mention, the camaraderie between trainers, clients and staff.  Every one at Sweat Therapy Fitness is trained professionals with a passion for fitness. 

Music Style: alternative, top 40, rock, and some throwback.

Kianna Woolington

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

My college softball career had just come to a close and I was searching for a new, exciting form of fitness. One of my friends invited me to try a work at Sweat Therapy and the rest is history. Kim, Brian, Cecily, Alyssa and ALL of the instructors welcomed me with open arms. Their encouragement and support has led me to discover my passion for group fitness. I am so thankful to be a part of the Sweat Team. 

Music Style: Upbeat pop, a touch of rap and the occasional throwback.

Katie Goram

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

Because it is the best!

Music Style: Top 40s, Hip Hop, Throwbacks

Jason McArthur

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Why Sweat Therapy Fitness?

Nothing is more motivating than seeing other people pushing themselves, and Sweat Cycle’s RealRyder bike allows each person to challenge their own individual fitness level while in a group setting. The RealRyder bike is the closest thing to riding on the road, mimicking the balance and core stability required to turn and stand. This realistic type ride gives riders a more balanced total body workout missing from traditional spin classes.

Music Style: Modern/Alt Rock and Indie/Synth/Modern Pop with some 80s throwbacks