Commit To Get Fit (CTGF) 

Special Healthy Holiday Edition: Nov. 27 - Dec. 30 

Don't let the stress of the holiday season throw your wellness off track! Stay accountable with Commit To Get Fit, a proven program that brings together like-minded individuals in an inspiring team atmosphere to produce real results through hard work, camaraderie and accountability. 

This season give yourself or someone you love the giffts of: 

Strength, endurance, knowledge, confidence, self love, positivity, energy and so much more! 

Program Includes: 

     - Kick-off session with baseline weight and measurement assessment and group workout 

     - 14 total 45 minute group workouts (5-weeks)

     - Nutritional tracking worksheets

     - Weekly "Sweat Chat" accountability meetings to discuss fitness hurdles and nutritional challenges

     - Weekly optional weigh-ins 

     - Weight and measurement assessment upon program completion 


Next session starts Monday, November 27 

Note: This sessions coaches will be Cecily Armengol and Kathryn Wolter

If you're unable to make one of the scheduled workouts and let the Sweat Therapy team know in advance, you can replace the workout with any group fitness class offered at Sweat Therapy Fitness within the current CTGF six-week program timeframe. 


Visit our Purchase Workouts page and select "CTGF, Starts Nov. 27"

For additional information or questions, please contact Alyssa Martin at  

Watch Video Below For A Sneek Peek of Commit To Get Fit