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Sweat Therapy specailizes in small group fitness with no more than 20 people per workout. Small workouts create a positive team atmopshere and allow instructors to provide individual attention to help partcipates reach personal goals. Sweat Therapy's diverse workout schedule caters to every age and fitness level. From high intensity interval training (HIIT), to RealRyder indoor cycling, Indo-Row water rowing, TRX Suspension Training and Forever Fit senior fitness, Sweat Therapy workouts are guaranteed to be an exciting and unique challenge every time.

To learn more about RealRyder indoor cycling, Indo-Row water rowing or TRX Suspension Training click the links below.




In addition to small group workouts, Sweat Therapy Fitness also provides personal training, small group training and speciality workout programs. For more information on these programs click the links below.

Personal Training & Small Group Training

Commit to Get Fit

Forever Fit

Rock Steady Boxing For Parkinson's

A personal message from founder Kim Bibeau

There is not a day that goes by that I don't meet someone that tells me that they are intimidated to try our studio, but there is no reason for anyone to be intimidated. I decided to open Sweat Therapy Fitness with my husband, Brian because we wanted to offer a more well-rounded approach to getting healthier and staying in shape. We assess everyone's needs and fitness level and direct them onto the perfect fitness path for him or her. We train everyone: from the 80 year-old retiree to the Olympic Athlete; the person that has never exercised in their life to the person that can't seem to exercise enough.  The person that is struggling with their weight battle to that person who just needs to loose that last '10 lbs'.  

Please don't delay and call me 850-222-1781 or email me kim@sweattherapyfitness.com today for more information on how Sweat Therapy can help you Sweat Better, Move Better, and Feel Better.  We are 'personal training in small groups,' and we truly have something for everybody, regardless of age, gender or capabilities.  If you are that person that likes the individualized attention, we have that too in personal training!

Below are just a few things people are saying about Sweat Therapy Fitness:

your website accurately describes, my first session with you was certainly the best work out of my life. I've been told since a young age that there was no way to strengthen one of my legs but after the dozen or so stretches and exercises you showed me, I'm pretty sure the docs were wrong. Thank you ... looking forward to making ST a part of my life.

"When I came to Tallahassee, Florida from Omaha, Nebraska, I was in a transitional period of life regarding my career, relationship and health.  I've struggled with weight and having a healthy relationship with food all my life. After hitting 200 lbs in high school, I swore I would never go back. I made working out a habit my freshman year in college and it stuck. I found running as an outlet and had conquered a lot of fitness goals including my first half marathon and joining a cycling class that I religiously attended!. However,  when I moved to Florida , I felt myself becoming bored with my workouts in a generic gym setting. Running all of a sudden became daunting and there were no spin classes at the gym I had recently joined. I started to let myself go. I went to the gym and did a less than acceptable workout, just to check it off the list. I became depressed. That's when I looked up spin classes in Tallahassee and found Sweat Therapy Fitness. When I joined Sweat Therapy I had no idea what I would be gaining. I expected to do a couple spin classes to get me feeling excited about working out again. But Sweat Therapy did way more than that. I had found a support system. They celebrated all shapes, sizes, and levels of fitness. I never felt out of place. All the instructors were genuinely interested in who I was and making sure I was working my hardest in every class I attended. I wake up every morning feeling a little bit stronger.  I am in the best place health wise that I have been since moving to Tallahassee. Self acceptance of the body you have is a daily struggle for many people but I am learning to love the body I have and will continue to carry with me the passion for working out that I reignited at Sweat Therapy.  Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels. God bless Sweat Therapy." -- j.l.


I have been meaning to email you and thank you for what you have done for me and what you do for this community. I know I have talked to before about how much you and your team have changed my life, but I also want to thank you for everything you do to better the lives of others in Tallahassee. This is a very fortunate community to have you and your wonderful team in it.

I know how hard it is to break habits and decide to make a change and I have never felt better, mentally and physically. I still battle with certain things, like everyone; it's hard to completely erase bad habits forever. But you and your studio have been a major factor in reminding me that I am worth it, I am enough, and I deserve to feel better.

I am so incredibly grateful for you, Brian, and your team. I have never been a gym person and I actually look forward to coming to Sweat. I am proud of myself, and you are a contributor to that feeling. I lost 40lbs last year and gained strength and confidence in the process, and it could not have been done without Sweat Therapy. I continue to work towards my goal and Sweat Therapy gives me the motivation to move forward.

I could go on and on:) I just wanted to let you know how much Sweat Therapy means to me. I look forward to seeing you your next class! -m.m

Hello all at both Uptown and Midtown locations!

I just want to write a quick note to thank all of you at Sweat Therapy for the opportunity to be able to take advantage of all your awesome trainers and classes over the last couple of months.  Every single person there was not only good at what they do but kind, patient, passionate and have a great talent for remembering names!  When I started I couldn't even hold a plank for 10 seconds and the thought of putting my foot into a trx strap to do lunges was unimaginable.  Now I feel stronger, more balanced and actually have some definition that's not fluff. :)

So thanks to every teacher there, I've learned so much and have grown to love exercising and becoming a better me.  I'm sure all the other models participating in the Tallahassee Top Salon event feel the same way. -w.f

I have been telling everyone that I am a Believer in Sweat Therapy! I have done gyms my whole life and yours is by far the best! -l.s.


Just wanted you to know what a gift you are bringing to our community in Sweat Therapy.  Your attention to detail, personal compassion and dedication make everyone who walks thorugh your doors feel special, encouraged and supported.  Thanks for all you do, Kim!  It is much appreciated (and needed) by all.  -c.k.

Hi there- I am a Sweat Therapy Fitness Junkie!!!  I started going to Sweat Therapy classes about a week and a half ago.  After the first class, I was hooked!  Now I cannot get enough classes.  If I only I didn't have a full time job.  I'm a competitive triathelete and have been injurred since February, due to a running injury.  I decided to switch gears, which brought me to Sweat Therapy Fitness.  Since I have started, I have noticed how much stronger I am and noticed a change in my body, which is wonderful.  I just wanted to thank you for having such wonderful classes and amazing instructors.  I have to yet to find a teacher I don't think is awesome.  I know when I get back to competing; I will be stronger than ever, thanks to Sweat Therapy Fitness.  Thank you, Thank you!   -s.w.