Train your heart and lungs while burning fat and increasing endurance.

Row: A traditional all rowing workout using IndoRow® water rowers. You control your own intensity level while getting a total body workout. The average row workout burns between 400-800 calories.
Sweat Boxing: Combines boxing drills such shadow boxing, heavy bags, mitts, footwork, and defensive techniques with functional bodyweight exercises performed in a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) style.  Sweat Boxing provides a total body burn, focusing on cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Participants will be “gloved up” for approximately 80% of this workout.
Sweat Cycle: A high energy indoor cycling workout on RealRyder ® cycling bike. Burning 20% more calories than a traditional stationary bike, RealRyder® bikes use an articulating frame to allow riders to tilt, lean and steer to train the lower and upper body, strengthen core muscles and improve cardiovascular endurance and balance.
Sweat Cycle + Row: A combination workout using RealRyder® bikes and IndoRow® water rowers to strengthen the heart and lungs and improve endurance. The music is always pumping and the energy stays high during this sweat session.
Sweat HIIT: High intensity interval training, featuring short bursts of maximum effort exercises followed by recovery. A total body workout maximizing calorie burn using your bodyweight and a variety of equipment including TRX®, resistance bands and more.
Sweat Strength + Row: Combines traditional and innovative strength training techniques with high intensity rowing intervals. Heavy weights, resistance bands, and TRX Suspension Trainers may be included in this workout.