Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have showers?

Sweat Therapy Fitness provides members two spa-like locker rooms with spacious showers and towel service. Locker rooms are also fully stocked with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hair dryers.

Your name is Sweat Therapy, are workouts hot like hot yoga?

No way! During workouts we keep our studio between 66-70 degrees. You might be chilly when you first walk-in, but don’t worry you’ll soon be sweating!

How do I get started?

The easiest way to get started at Sweat Therapy Fitness is to click on our schedule page and chose a workout you want to try. Once you’ve selected your workout click on it and our system will prompt you to create an account and reserve your spot.

Where do I park?

We are located at the Manor@Midtown off of Thomasville Road. On the south side of our building across from Tommy T’s Oil Change Center there is a large parking lot with 250+ parking spaces, you can park anywhere in there.

What door do I use?

We are located at the Manor@Midtown off of Thomasville Road. You will see the Red Eye coffee shop from the road.  We have two entrances; one is between Midtown Pies and Dream State Salon, facing 5th Avenue. Workouts in this room are labeled TRX Room. The other entrance is located inside the breezeway next to Finnegan’s Wake and Fifth & Thomas and accesses the Real Ryder room and IndoRow room – also labeled as such on our workout schedule. If for some reason one door is locked, the other will always be open!

What’s the best workout for beginners?

Before taking your first workout we highly encourage you to attend our complimentary Sweat 101 workshop the first Saturday or each month at 12:00pm. This isn’t a workout, but an interactive opportunity to learn the basics of TRX Suspension Training, IndoRow Water Rowing and Real Ryder indoor cycling. After you’ve successfully completed Sweat 101, we recommend a 45-minute workout such as TRX Sweat Camp or Row Sweat Camp. For a low impact option try PiYo, Sweat Yoga or Sweat Barre.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Client must cancel by 8pm the night before any workout with a start time of 7am or earlier and 6 hours prior to any other workout. There are three ways to cancel and avoid being charged.

1) You can remove yourself from a workout 24 hours prior to the workout, using the Sweat Therapy Fitness online reservation system.

2) You may call the studio and cancel during studio hours.

3) Send a cancellation request to cancel@sweattherapyfitness.com. Please note, emails sent to any other address besides cancel@sweattherapyfitness.com may not be received prior to your deadline and could result in a cancellation charge.

How can I get a two hour cancellation window instead of six?

To receive the added perks of a two hour cancellation window and waitlist priority for full workouts, upgrade to our recurring Platinum Card membership, which includes unlimited monthly workouts for $149 per month.

What is the late cancellation/ no show charge?

Clients who do not cancel their workout 6 hours prior to the start time (or 2 hours prior for Platinum Card members) or no show a workout will be charged a $10 fee or lose one of the workouts in their package.

Can I Walk Into A Workout Without Signing Up?

You’re more than welcome to try and walk-in to workouts at Sweat Therapy Fitness without signing-up online. Just know that if the workout is full (20 people) you will politely be turned away.

Can I Show Up Late?

Of course, we know things happen! Just be aware, If you have signed-up for a full workout and show-up more than 5-minutes late, your spot will be given away to waitlist or walk-in clients who arrived on time. You can avoid your spot being given away, simply by calling the studio to let us know you’re running late.

Can I leave a workout early?

By all means! Something is better than nothing when it comes to working out.

Who can I talk to about my fitness goals and what workouts would be best for me?

Our Fitness Director Cecily Armengol is happy to help evaluate your fitness goals and provide recommendations. To schedule an appointment with her please email cecily@sweattherapyfitness.com.

Do you offer personal training?

Absolutely. Sweat Therapy Fitness has a number of certified personal trainers ready to provide you with personalized workouts to achieve your wellness goals. Whether you’re an athlete, active aging adult, new mom or someone with chronic illnesses, we have a trainer with the skills to serve you. To discuss personal training please contact our Fitness Director Cecily Armengol at cecily@sweattherapyfitness.com.

All other questions?

We’re here to help! Call our studio at 850.222.1781 or email info@sweattherapyfitness.com.