Sweat Therapy Fitness FAQ

Are Reservations Required?

YES!  We pride ourselves in keeping our workout sizes at a minimum and they do fill up fast. Our instructors/coaches plan the workouts by the number of people that have pre-signed up.  Workouts with no one signed up within 2 hours of workout start time will be cancelled.  Please sign up at least 2 hours prior to workout start time.

What is the best number to call?


Do you offer personal training?

Personal training sessions are available at both locations.  Personal training pricing varies depending on the length of your session (30 - 60 minutes), how many sessions are purchased, and the specific trainer you are working with.  Please call the studio 850-222-1781 or email cecily@sweattherapyfitness.com to set-up a time to talk about your fitness goals.

What is Rock Steady Boxing?

Join RSB Head Coach, Kim Bibeau, and her team of Certified Personal Trainers in a non-contact boxing-style fitness program that has been proven to improve the quality of life sense of efficacy and self-worth for those living with Parkinson's Disease. Evaluation required for all participants prior to first workout. Contact Kim@sweattherapyfitness.com to sign up today!

You can find more information about RSB in our About Us section, click the Rock Steady Boxing Tab

Can anyone take the Rock Steady Boxing workouts?

Only those affected by Parkinson's Disease are able to participate in the Rock Steady Boxing workouts.
An evaluation by certified RSB trainer, Kim Bibeau, is required before your first RSB workout.
Email kim@sweattherapyfitness.com to set up an evaluation.

What is Commit to Get Fit?

Join Sweat Therapy Fitness Owner/ Founder Kim Bibeau for a four-week Commit To Get Fit program specifically designed to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. A proven program, Commit To Get Fit brings together like-minded individuals in an inspiring team atmosphere to produce real results through hard work, camaraderie and accountability.

  • 18 total 45 minute-1 hour group workouts
  • Nutritional tracking worksheets
  • Weekly "Sweat Chat" accountability meetings to discuss health hurdles and nutritional choices
  • Weight and measurement assessment upon program completion

Email Kim at kim@sweattherapyfitness,com to get more information on the next CTGF session!

Where Do I Start?

First, we invite you to come to Sweat Therapy Fitness to meet the owners, Kim and Brian Bibeau, and our Sweat Therapy staff. We recommend every new client attend our complimentary Sweat 101 workshop on Saturdays at noon at our Midtown location.  To schedule a tour or sign-up for Sweat 101, call 850-222-1781 or email info@sweattherapyfitness.com.  

Do you have gift certificates available?

Yes, you can come by either studio to purchase gift certificates.

What if I show up late to a workout?

If you do not show up to workout by the start time, you are subject to lose your space and/or asked to reschedule.  The warm-up and the instructional part of our workouts are very important. If you know you are running late, please call the studio 850-222-1781

If the workout is full, should I get on the wait-list?

YES!  We add workouts/change the schedules based on the demand.  Please get on the wait-list.  Chances are you will get into the workout.

Where is Sweat Therapy located and where can I park?

We are located at the Manor@Midtown off of Thomasville Road.  You will see the Red Eye coffee shop from the road. We have two entrances; one is between Midtown Pies and Dream State Salon, facing 5th Avenue. The other entrance is located inside the Breezeway next to Finnegan's Wake and Fifth & Thomas.  There are over 250 parking spaces available on the south side of the building across from Tommy T's Oil Change Center.  Call 850/222-1781 for further instructions.


What makes workouts at Sweat Therapy Fitness different than anywhere else in town?

We keep our workouts fun and challenging.  Our trainers/coaches have their personal fitness training or group fitness personal training certification and are also nationally certified in the equipment they use.  We believe in training smarter, not harder.  Our trainers/coaches will not be working out with you but will be offering guidance, encouragment, and modifications.  Workouts usually will not have more than 20 participants.  If the workout has more than 20 participants, additional trainers will be added.  They will be coaching you and giving you feedback about your performance and form during the whole class. We know exercise can hurt you and not everyone is created equal.  We all have different injuries, body mechanics and limitations.  We know this before you begin and will call you by your name.  We fill up your water bottle and provide you with towels.  We provide a very hands-on and high touch atmosphere. We are a small group training studio, which makes our workouts more like personal training.  Because of this, we ask that you reserve your spot through our online reservation system.  You define "better." And together, we'll get you there.

For more information, please contact info@sweattherapyfitness.com or call 850-222-1781

Do you offer a Senior Discount?

Yes, we offer 20% off of any of our full priced workout packages or full priced monthly unlimited series, if you are 62 or over.  To activate your discount, please email alyssa@sweattherapyfitness.com

Do you have showers?

Yes, for both men and women.  We provide a spa like atmosphere with a full complimentary towel service at our Midtown location

How many people are in a workout?

We provide an experience that is like personal training in a small group setting.  You will usually not see more than 20 people in a workout. One on one PT sessions are available.

Workout Descriptions

RealRyder:  The Indoor Cycle that tilts, turns and leans.  Burn 20% more calories per minute than the traditional stationary bike. This unique cycle builds core strength and works the upper body.

Indo-Row:  Indoor rowing machine with waterflywheel design.  Perfect calorie burn & works your total body.

TRX Suspension Trainer:  Total Body Training using your body weight for resistance.  All core,all the time!  Woring at your own intensity level.

TRX RIP Trainer: The Rip Trainer employs an innovative resistance cord system to create a variable, unbalanced load which enables development of core strength, explosive power, flexibility, and endurance through movement patterns related to everyday life and sport. The Rip Trainer is scalable to all levels of fitness.   Build 3-D strength because life comes at you from all angles.

Sweat Barre: This ballet inspired workout alternates deep muscle-toning movements along with intervals of fat-blasting cardio techniques.  No dance experience required.

Sweat Kettlebells: A total body workout focused on Russian kettlebell form and technique.  You will become stronger through controlled repetition speed while also improving balance and flexibility.   
Minimalist shoes or bare feet are recommended.

Power Stretch: Dynamic flexing and stretching to increase flexibility, movement, elasticity, and comfort.  The session will involve exercises to warm-up your body & muscles and provide a wide range of movements to lengthen, massage, and loosen muscles.  

Commit to Get Fit: Join Sweat Therapy Fitness Owner/ Founder Kim Bibeau for a four-week Commit To Get Fit program specifically designed to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. A proven program, Commit To Get Fit brings together like-minded individuals in an inspiring team atmosphere to produce real results through hard work, camaraderie and accountability.

Forever Fit: These workouts are designed specifically for the active aging adult and incorporate fun and innovative fitness equipment and training techniques. Improve functional capacities, increase muscle strength, agility, joint mobility and balance, while reducing the risk of falls and other injuries.

Do you have workouts for beginners?

Each workout is designed for all levels of fitness.  This is truly fitness for every body.  Our instructors will take the time to show you the proper form and technique for an enjoyable workout. A good introduction is Sweat 101 where you will be shown the basics of the cycles, rowers and TRX equipment.  Find it on the Midtown schedule on the first Saturday of the month at noon.

Another great option for beginners or those looking for a slightly less intense workout is our Forever Fit or Commit to Get Fit workouts.

What makes RealRyder bikes different from other stationary indoor bicycles?

The bike is designed on a series of linkages and pivots that allow the handlebars to move about 20 degrees to the left and to the right. That lets the rider move freely as they would outdoors, turning into curves and sharp switchbacks. The fly wheel is also about 20 pounds heavier than traditional Spinning bikes, which allows for a more challenging ride.

Why is the RealRyder called the 5-in-1 workout?

Riders are working their core and upper body to balance and steer the handlebars even as they pedal, so it engages the entire body. The more muscles a cyclist activates, the more calories are burned. A RealRyder class can burn up to 400 more calories than a class on a traditional indoor cycling class.

Will I fall off?

No. The frame tilts, but not enough that a rider will fall off. Just like when the training wheels come off a child's bike, the first feeling is a bit unsteady but you quickly find balance and rhythm. And after that it's all fun!

What are the benefits for a competitive cyclist? Why use RealRyder when I can just go outside?

The RealRyder and classes taught by Sweat Therapy's premier instructors, will help competitive outdoor cyclists fine-tune their cadence, form, and improve balance. The heavier fly wheel also allows competitors to simulate steep mountain climbs that don't exist in Florida.

What are the benefits for a recreational cyclist or someone who just wants a new physical challenge?

The RealRyder is one of the most effective uses of fitness time in terms of muscles worked and calories torched. Your abs will get tighter, your arms and shoulders will get stronger and more toned, and your legs will get stronger and leaner as well with consistent riding (and clean eating, of course!). The RealRyder will improve your balance, heart strength, speed, agility and endurance. Make Sweat Therapy your weekly workout destination, and watch yourself become a lean, mean, cycling machine!

What is an Indo-Row Machine?

The Indo-Row Machine is made by WaterRower, one of the leading indoor rowing machine manufacturers in the world.

The patented WaterFlyWheel has been designed to emulate the exact dynamics of a boat moving across the water, and creates a wave-like sound in class that is engaging, mesmerizing and feels like the real thing!

Can a beginner take a Indo-Row Workout?

The unique geometry of the Indo-Row Machine makes it easy to row with good technique, even for a beginner rower, and the quality construction provides a natural, fluid connection with every stroke.

The patented Indo-Row Machine console makes it easy to teach Indo-Row classes and enables students or home users to see their progress, stay motivated and get results.

How do I cancel my Unlimited Series?

We hate to lose an of our clients but understand that sometimes circumstances change. Unlike other facilities that count on locking people into contracts, we to do ask that you give us at least a 2 weeks notice before your next month's renewal.  To cancel you must email MOD@sweattherapyfitness.com and request your renewal be canceled. If you would like to provide information as to why you need to cancel, we would appreciate any feedback you would like to provide. Even if you do have to cancel your series, we hope you will come back to visit!